Comedy Club hits the mark

The Comedy Club is a new advanced club that is currently in pre charter. It is based on the Sunshine Coast in District 69.

The club was formed with a vision to help Toastmasters develop the use of humour in their speeches.

The clubs focus is on members who want to compete on a District quality level. The members do not need to focus on comedy but a lot of members find putting humour into speeches can be challenging.

The club is an advanced club and as such each session is challenging. They quite often have an out of the hat meeting requiring each member to be prepared for any session.

Each meeting the Table Topics session requires the speakers to speak for 5 mins as opposed to the traditional 2 mins.

There is a special session meeting that requires a member to prepare a 5 min Stand Up routine. Although challenging it is always a highlight.

At the end of each meeting the LOL award is given to the member who achieved the greatest laugh.

A great new club that will charter very shortly

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