Do you need to do each project in order?

Level 1 of Pathways requires you to have completed the Ice Breaker speech first.   After you have completed this first task, the entire level is then open for you to complete at your leisure.

After completing my Ice Breaker my next task was to deliver another speech.  I was aiming to deliver the next one in the list from the “Evaluation and Feedback” project, but as I was was doing a fair bit of research on the topic I was presenting on it naturally lent itself to the project “Researching and presenting”.  This project required a topic to be researched and presented upon in a time of 5- to 7- minutes.  The objectives of this speech was more inline with the speech I was writing.

This is the beauty of Pathways.  As long as you are working in the same level, you are able to work from different projects within it.  Just like the Competent Communicator manual, you are able to jump from project to project.

Would I recommend this for a new Toastmaster?  Probably not.  The education program is written with a chronological order in mind.  However, if you are an experienced Toastmaster and you are comfortable in your skills, then there is nothing stopping you from mixing it up.

Project 2 of Level 1 is now complete.


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