A new path


Pathways in the new education program Toastmasters is rolling out.  The program replaces the existing education program of a communication track and a leadership track.  It has the ability to combine both tracks together or allow you to focus on just the areas you are interested in.  

I have been in Toastmasters for nearly 3 years and I am due to complete my DTM award when the new year ticks over.  I am also incoming Division Director for the next 12 months.

I was given the chance to start Pathways early as a member of an advanced club based out of the U.S. that meets monthly as a brick and mortar club but allow virtual attendance.  As out District is still in the line up for our rollout date I jumped at the opportunity to get a head start…why?

Not because I want to be the first, but because I want to be prepared to help others during their journey through Pathways.  As a person who is up to date with technology I knew that I would not struggle with the new online based portal, but I know that there will be others in my Division and District who will or believe they will.

Getting that head start on Pathways gives me the chance to learn the system thoroughly and I will be able to offer advice when sought out.  I am not an Ambassador or Guide in Pathways and I am happy to leave the training up to those wonderful volunteers.  I am however an enthusiastic advocate for the new program.

Once my application was approved and I ponied up my money I was online as a member of this club.  The 5am meeting time will be quite an interesting experience, but it is only once per month and I do have the advantage of coffee and not needing to leave my study.


I did do the online survey and the resulting path recommended to me was “Effective Coaching”.  I had a sneaky suspicion it would be from all the research I had already done.  

I signed up for that path and I was presented with my first module.  Level 1 ‘The Ice Breaker”.  I love hearing Ice Breaker speeches.  They are just so inviting and give us all in insight on the person who delivers them.

I am incoming President of one of my clubs this year, so I plan on delivering my Pathways Ice Breaker at the changeover meeting next week.  What a great way to start my journey.  It will also allow the evaluator of my speech a sneak preview of what’s to come.

I will enjoy this journey.

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