Work / family / Toastmasters balance

I have been accused (lovingly) of being addicted to Toastmasters. I even earned the nickname “Toastmonster”. But what happens when you do so much that it effects loved ones?

That is the issue I was starting to face as I became more and more involved in the clubs of my Area and Division. I was always going to be a member of multiple clubs, that was a given. However, I noticed that I was starting to get so busy with Toastmasters that I needed to ask myself was it fair on those around me, my clubs and myself?

Being so busy interferes with relationships and even though my partner is a Toastmaster I had noticed that she wanted to just relax and spend time together without rushing off to another meeting.

What I was also not aware of is that as I was getting busier, the quality of my role preparation and speeches dropped. I had to ask myself if quantity over quality was worth it…really?  Of course the answer had to be no.  Attending 3, 4 or 5 meetings in a week was a rush but I knew that I was not completely on game at each meeting. As I was being involved in more meetings I found myself not always getting that high I usually receive at a great meeting.  I was even feeling flat after some meetings.

What was I doing this for if I could not find the enjoyment I was once having?  I looked inward and saw that this was happening and I knew that this needed to change. 

I ended up letting one membership to a club lapse and focussed on the clubs I remained in. One club is a fortnightly club and the other is monthly. This has freed me up to focus on my role as Area Director and where I would like to head in the future.

I am still a Toastmasters tragic but I have been able to release some of that time for other projects outside of Toastmasters that I have not been able to pursue. But it also released me to focus on some other projects within Toastmasters that I just couldn’t find the time for. Projects like this blog and video tutorials that I have a calling for 

I have been able to rededicate myself and I know now that sometimes you can get so busy that you lose sight of your goals and aspirations.

I love being a Toastmaster, but I also love my family and my work and I needed to keep everything in balance.

Sometime you can’t see the forest through the trees.

3 thoughts on “Work / family / Toastmasters balance

  1. We all need to find the right work-life balance every now and then, even if it isn’t ‘work’ where the balance has to be met. Glad you found it before things got out of control.


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